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What Goes Unseen and Other Tales from Afar is a collection of seven unique, fictional stories plus a bonus story. I tried to depict a range of settings, genres, writing styles, and moods from one tale to the next. They journey from bandit-filled taverns to enchanted jungles, sleepy small-town streets to disorienting, haunted swamps, and from the “safety” of your childhood bed to beyond the edge of the universe. Enjoy a light-hearted summer afternoon in the woods, delve into a murderer’s troubled heart, tug at the veil which hides the soul itself, and explore the wilderness of raw imagination.

My goal with these stories was foremost to write something enjoyable and approachable. The most superficial of read-throughs should prove relatively easy and very entertaining. True to the title, however, not everything is always quite as it seems. There are layers to these stories. If the reader should so choose, they could dig fairly deep into the subtleties or hidden meanings and storylines.

The Importance of Story

When I fall in love with a story, upon finishing it, all I want is more. Well, when you come to the end of my stories… that’s it. I don’t have any more words for you. If my design was successful however, these stories will be incredibly re-readable with new details only being perceptible upon a second or third pass.

Hopefully, I’ve managed to hit the magic zone where you can either read it once, think that was fun! then toss it aside, or you can ponder over these stories for hours wondering, speculating, parsing through the pages searching for, and finding, just a bit more. I truly hope these stories make you think, even more so I hope they make you think in a new way, but if all they are to you is entertaining, then I will be delighted in having done my job well.

The titles of these stories, if that gives you any sense of what they are about, are: Long Black Veil, The Great Hodag Hunt, The Boogeyman, What Goes Unseen, Girl in the Mountain, The Lost Coast, A Deity’s Daydream, and Rippsheare. These are tales of adventure, mystery, intrigue, and may be just a bit dark. I hope there is something familiar in all of them, and that you realize how quickly things plummet into fantastical strangeness when you look closer or step just to the side of the familiar. It is my belief that there is a story inside every smudge of detail around you, and they may just reveal themselves if you peer close enough. You need only take the time along with a curious mind to notice that which otherwise goes unseen.