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Seeing the Unseen

The Making of an Author

I don’t think I shall ever see a tree as pretty as a bumble bee.– William Shakespeare” Grandpa Bigley I heard that saying a lot as a kid whenever my grandpa was feeling whimsical or faux-philosophical. I heard it so often it’s stuck with me to this day. It never...

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An Author’s Point of View on What Goes Unseen

What Goes Unseen and Other Tales from Afar is a collection of seven unique, fictional stories plus a bonus story. I tried to depict a range of settings, genres, writing styles, and moods from one tale to the next. They journey from bandit-filled taverns to enchanted...

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By Sean Minster

What Goes Unseen

& Other Tales From Afar

Short Stories

What lurks in the liminal spaces between the known and the unknown? From everyday to ethereal, the seven stories of What Goes Unseen & Other Tales From Afar peer into the cracks of life. Debut author Sean Minster captures the fear, fun, mystery and murder of campfire tall tales mixed with the intelligence, angst, and nostalgia of his unique perspective and ever-curious mind.


Sean Minster

Sean Minster was born and raised outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He grew up within the Irish-American community participating in hurling, Irish dancing, baking soda bread and scones, and volunteering for the Milwaukee Irish Fest. Celtic folktales and story-telling styles strongly influenced young Sean, as did the hundreds of adventure books he read as a child. They were as much an escape from the bitter cold winters as they were a promise of adulthood adventures, but only if one chose to pursue such a life. He was fascinated by the story of humanity, aka history. And the way things worked or what you needed to do to make something work, aka science. Above all he was drawn to the practice of survival, which breeches not only the human condition but the living condition and is, in the author’s opinion—the purest path to education, experience, and existence.


A fantastic debut! What Goes Unseen is an inspired collection of tales.  Evoking stories of a bygone era, mystery and adventure take center stage in Sean Minster’s first novel. This eclectic series guides you through the mists of the unknown and leaves you hungry to return. Truly a must read for those in search of an armchair excursion.

Brendan Murphy
—Writer and Musician

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